WHRI 2019 in Review

We are happy to share this short video with you highlighting our activities in 2019, executed with an amazing array of partners and attended by inspiring women leaders from around the world. 

In 2019, we offered a range of blended online & in-person capacity building programs, attended by more than 50 women’s human rights advocates originating from more than 30 countries and indigenous nations or communities.  Our facilitation teams are composed of diverse women’s human rights experts from around the world who bring firsthand knowledge of feminist women’s human rights theory and activism.

Our major activities included:

CEDAW for Change Institute in Toronto

Offered in collaboration with the International Human Rights Program of the University of Toronto law school – June 2019

CEDAW South to South Institute in Trinidad & Tobago

Offered in collaboration with the CEDAW Committee of Trinidad and Tobago, the Institute for Gender and Development Studies at the St Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies, and the Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality – July 2019

Women’s Human Rights in Times of Crisis Institute, Quito

Offered in Spanish in collaboration with the Colectiva IxPop of Guatemala and the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Quito, Ecuador.  Scholarships for this program were reserved for women from Indigenous communities in Latin America. – August 2019

Convening: CEDAW General Recommendation on the Rights of Indigenous Women

The program in Quito was followed by a one-day convening of 60+ Indigenous women from Spanish-speaking Latin America co-organized with Colectiva IxPop and other collaborators to disseminate information about and input for the ongoing movement for a CEDAW General Recommendation on the rights of Indigenous Women.   CEDAW Committee member Gladys Acosta and UN Working Group on discrimination against women and girls expert member Alda Facio participated in this informal consultation and call to action.


Due to the global COVID-19 crisis, we have postponed our in-person programs into 2021.  We will be offering online learning programs later in 2020, keep an eye on our website for details:  www.learnwhr.org

Human Rights Education – Nepal 2014

A video slideshow from our last Women’s Human Rights Education Institute (WHRI) training program in Nepal, August 2014.

CEDAW Guatemala

The second CEDAW WIW was offered in November 2013 in collaboration with several indigenous women’s organizations in Guatemala and JASS (Just Associates), as well as representatives from other Indigenous women’s NGOs from throughout Central America.

Guatemala Program – Participating Organizations: Asociación Uk´u´x B´e, Movimiento de Mujeres Indígenas Tz´ununija´, Tik Na´oj, Unidad de Protección de Defensoras y Defensores de Derechos Humanos de Guatemala, -UDEFEGUA-, Sinergía No´j and JASS