International Women's Human Rights Institute

Building leadership skills and supporting transnational feminist movement building and knowledge sharing.


The mission of the Women’s Human Rights Education Institute is to build transformative leadership skills amongst women’s human rights defenders and to support transnational feminist movement building and knowledge sharing.

Participants of our programs develop the capacity to use international human rights mechanisms for their activism and are empowered to become changemakers who impact and redefine human rights standards and agendas from an intersectional feminist activist framework.

WHRI Intensive

The WHRI Intensive educational institute is a unique space for learning about the theory and praxis of women’s human rights, preparing participants to use the UN system and the CEDAW convention to support local, national and international level activism. Participants develop facilitation and planning skills to engage in executing workshops and training for others on women’s human rights,and explore women’s human rights as a visionary framework for integrative social, collective, and individual change.


CEDAW For Change

The CEDAW for Change Institute is a one week educational institute focussed on the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and its core principles of non-discrimination and substantive equality. Participants engage in in-depth learning of the theoretical and analytical frame of the Convention, and examine case studies that have come before CEDAW and strategize on how to link their work to that of the CEDAW committee and a women’s human rights education framework.