Indigenous Women Walking the Path to a CEDAW General Recommendation: Webinar

Webinar:  Indigenous Women Walking the Path to a CEDAW General Recommendation – Mujeres Indígenas caminando hacia una recomendación general de la CEDAW

Date:  June 15, 2021

Time:  4 pm EDT (NY) – 2 pm CST (Guatemala)

Location:  Zoom – Registration required, please register HERE


Rosa Chávez – Débora Yancoba – Yury López – Sara Mux – Lety Tay


After many years of advocacy and collective action on the part of Indigenous women, the CEDAW Committee is in the process of developing a General Recommendation to CEDAW on the rights of Indigenous women and girls.

You are invited to join our upcoming webinar, offered in collaboration with Colectiva Ixpop (Guatemala) and the Canadian Women’s Foundation, which focusses on the herstory, significance and process undertaken to travel this far, and next steps, including how more Indigenous women can engage in this important process.

Come learn from members of the Colectiva Ixpop, who have nurtured, shared, and worked to bring this vision into fruition.

In this webinar, they will share their activism with Indigenous women and allies living in the Canadian context as part of an ongoing CEDAW capacity building session.  We have opened our classroom to you, to help disseminate and share this important opportunity to engage with women’s human rights herstory unfolding.

Session will have live interpretation between English and Spanish.  Find out more of the history of this initiative here.