Webinar Series: Weaving Rights into Women’s Realities – Reproductive Rights in Times of Crisis

Weaving Rights Into Women’s Realities: an ongoing webinar series that explores the many facets of CEDAW as a framework and tool for feminist rights-based advocacy!

Prioritizing Reproductive Health Needs in Times of Crisis: Advocacy and International Women Human Rights Mechanisms

Speakers: Daniela Drandić & Bhavya Joshi

In this session, through looking at diverse contexts of crisis and the importance of international women’s rights frameworks and mechanisms in this context, we will explore:

  • Different national, regional, and international human rights mechanisms for reproductive health in times of crisis
  • How and when to apply the international human rights mechanisms 
  • How international mechanisms can fit into reproductive health advocacy

This webinar was held in August 2022, the recording is available for online viewing here:

About the Speakers:

Daniela Drandić is the Reproductive Rights Programme Lead at Roda – Parents in Action, where she works on education and advocacy programs for respectful maternity care. She has used UN, EU and national human rights mechanisms in her advocacy efforts, and has collaborated on national, regional and global shadow and thematic reports. She holds an M.Sc. in Maternal and Infant Health, and a Hons.BA in European Studies.

Bhavya Joshi is the founder of WomenSARRA, an organization in India dedicated to the full realization of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) as a Human Right. She is also a Doctoral student at the School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley and works as an educator with the Women’s Human Rights Institute.