Webinar Series: Weaving Rights Into Women’s Realities – A Human Rights Approach to GBVAW – Dr. Amanda Dale

Weaving Rights Into Women’s Realities: an ongoing webinar series that explores the many facets of CEDAW as a framework and tool for feminist rights-based advocacy!

A Human Rights Approach to Gender-Based Violence Against Women: Beyond Discourse to State Obligations

Speaker:  Dr. Amanda Dale

Join Dr. Amanda Dale, faculty of the Women’s Human Rights Institute for a brief and interactive introduction to the protections GBVAW advocates need to know about to hold their governments to account.

Centering on the protections offered through CEDAW, this introductory webinar will prepare you for your advocacy on the global pandemic of GBVAW. It serves as a good basis for the rest of our CEDAW series or can be taken as a stand-alone learning opportunity.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How international human rights can fit into your advocacy

  • How to read and understand the protections in CEDAW

  • How CEDAW is both intersectional and interdependent with other human rights protections

  • What the current state of CEDAW’s protections against GBVAW are and how to use them

Aired live in July 2022, you can watch the recording of the webinar here: