As part of our commitment to documenting and sharing knowledge on women’s human rights, as an organization we engage in formal research projects on particular topics related to our work, and we also keep abreast of ongoing developments in the field of women’s human rights through observing and engaging with CEDAW and Special Procedures most relevant to women’s human rights within the UN, through strategic participation in conferences and hosting of side events at CSW, CEDAW and during sessions of the Human Rights Council.  This content informs our ongoing curriculum development, and our trainings are one of the primary ways we mobilize and disseminate that knowledge.

We also make efforts to document important work done with and by our partners to ensure that the knowledge created is recorded for analysis and to share promising and good practices with other WHR defenders through our activities.  Through our research projects, including examples shared below, we endeavour to mobilize movement knowledge and record important and often unknown contributions to women’s human rights praxis. We also engage in strategic institutional partnerships with universities in order to enhance the flow of information between women’s movements and academic analysis of gender and women’s human rights.  In addition, our faculty contribute to the ongoing process of women’s human rights knowledge-creation through their theoretical and applied work, giving us an ongoing important source of knowledge to disseminate through our activities.


Good Practices in the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women

As part of our mission to amplify the voices of women’s human rights defenders at the UN, we undertook a two-year research and analysis process for the UN Working Group on Discrimination Against Women in law and practice exploring good practices in the realization of women’s human rights.

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WHR Herstory: Latin American Women’s Contributions to Vienna

As part of our mission to document and disseminate important contributions to women’s human rights movements and praxis, a research project is underway to document the contributions and strategies of Latin American feminists to the naming of ‘women’s rights as human rights’ at the 1993 Vienna Conference.

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