Our Advisors

Karine Grigoryan

Karine GrigoryanKarine Grigoryan was born in 1975 in Gyumri, Armenia. She graduated from “Imastaser Anania Shirakatsi” University, faculty of Economics and Management of Enterprises. She is a disability rights activist and founded “Agate’ center for women with special needs” NGO in 2007, the mission of which is to improve the quality of life of women and girls with disabilities through social and psychological integration. She cooperates with Mobility International USA, Association of Women’s Right in Development and other international organizations and is a board member of national disability advocacy coalition in Armenia, international forum planning committee of UNESCO chair of comparative human rights, International Network of Women with Disabilities, regional disability and gender committees.

Malena de Montis

Malena de MontisNicaraguan feminist sociologist, educator and activist, a Bunting Institute, Radclciff-Harvard fellow,  with a doctoral degree in Education from the University of Massachusetts;  with a long and respected history in Latin America and globally as a women right defender and networking since the 70,  she was a top leader within the Sandinista Front in Nicaragua through the early 1980´s;  founder of three NOG´s in Nicaragua in the 90´s, focusing on women´s political and economic rights.  Has written  two books and several articles and papers on women´s political and economic participation.

Rodrigo Jimenez

I’m a Costarican Lawyer and consultant specialize in rights of people with disabilities and women´s right. I studied law, education as a bachelor degree. Also I have a Master in International Law and Business. International Law and Human Rights with people with disabilities Faculty teacher at the Latin America University ( Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Panama) and also at the Alabama State University. International Consultant ofr the Inter American Institute of Human Rights, United Nations Development Program, World Bank, Interamerican Bank, UNFPA, UNIFEM, and Co Director of the Women, Justice and Gender Program at the Latin America United Nations Institute for Crime Prevention (ILANUD) and Director at Fundación Justicia y Género in Costa Rica.

Michael Solis

Michael PhotoMichael has worked for over five years in human rights and development in places like Korea, Chile, Ireland, Honduras, Colombia, and Nicaragua. A graduate of Princeton University (BA) and the Irish Centre for Human Rights at NUI Galway (LL.M), Michael is currently based in Managua, Nicaragua, where he works for the Irish development and poverty alleviation agency, Trócaire. As the Regional Institutional Funding Officer for Latin America, Michael helps design new projects related to human rights, prevention of gender-based violence, livelihoods and risk management. Michael’s previous experience includes working as the Development Director of the Organization for Youth Empowerment (OYE) in El Progreso, Honduras, a Princeton Latin America Fellow with Human Rights Watch and the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences in Santiago Chile and a Luce Scholar with the National Human Rights Commission of Korea in Seoul, South Korea. A writer, Michael’s creative and journalistic writing has been published in Huffington Post, Atlantic, Honduras Weekly, OhmyNews International and the Seoul Writer Club’s book Out of Place.

Dr. Karambu Ringera

Dr. Karambu Ringera is the Founder and President of International Peace Initiatives (IPI) in Kenya. She has designed and implemented models of effective community engagement, women’s grassroots organizing programs, collaborative problem solving models, pre-emptive and post conflict reconciliation, proactive health campaigns, and a successful, working model of “Amani Homes,” community homes of peace for orphans and vulnerable children. Karambu is a visionary, an activist, a compassionate, committed, formidable force for change, and an inspiration to all who meet her.

Regina Tames

Foto ReginaExecutive Director of the Information Group on Reproductive Choice or in Spanish Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida.

Regina Tamés Noriega, JD from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and a Master´s Degree in International Law from Washington College of Law, American University, became GIRE’s Executive Director in April 2011. Regina has vast experience in the fields of human rights, reproductive rights and advocacy, having held positions with the Mexican Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She was a fellow at Center for Reproductive Rights and at the InterAmerican Human Rights Commission.